About Us:

East Coast Tourism and Catering Services is run by a team of highly experienced business professionals. With more than 22 years of industry experience and investments in a number of successful business ventures, East Coast Tourism and Catering was born out of the need to serve the tourists who come to visit Pondy each year.

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By helping both, the domestic and international tourist population visiting Pondy each year, it provided a number of other opportunities for further business.

This also provided a number of job opportunites to the local population as well. This vision, combined by the fine business acumen has helped EastCoastTourismandCatering.Com become the number 1 tourist guide and catering company in Pondicherry today.

We are open to any business opportunity that will help to expand our business. Do you with to partner with us? Contact us by email or phone anytime and we will be glad to review your proposal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on our support number +91.822.028.2246